Brought Positive Energy for the Children, Pertiwi Visited Tunas Bangsa Orphanage

JAKARTA - Twelve children arranged their line, at 09.00 the music started to play a cheerful rhythm. They danced happily as a welcome greeting for Pertiwi (Perempuan Pertamina Tangguh Inspiratif Wibawa Independen, Pertamina's women community) volunteers who visited the Tunas Bangsa Orphanage, Cipayung, East Jakarta, on Tuesday, December 21, 2021.

Sutarini Widiastuti as an Upstream Subholding worker, said that the Pertiwi Berbagi program was extraordinary. According to her, the program grows empathy and gives positive energy to everyone.

"This program must be continued. We can feel the positive energy from the children here. We can give love, also increase empathy and conscience to others," said Tuti, her nickname.

There are painting and storytelling activities. It is expected that the orphans could feel the love from Pertiwi volunteers, learn to work together, and learn to understand other people.

"We explain what Pertamina's business is like, of course in easy-to-understand language, with games and stories. This will expand their knowledge," said Tuti.

She hopes that this program will be continued because this program is essential to increase the company's values in society.*HM

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