Representatives of Pertagas Perwira (Pertamina Wira/Pertamina Officers) symbolically planted mangroves on the Tambakrejo coast, Semarang, Central Java (17/5/2022).

Environmental Acts, Pertagas Donated 1,103 Trees

SEMARANG - As an environmental act, PT Pertamina Gas (Pertagas), as an affiliate of Subholding Gas PT PGN Tbk, planted mangroves on the Tambakrejo coast, Semarang, Central Java (17/5/2022). Unlike the previous reforestation activities, as many as 1,103 mangrove trees were planted as donations from 149 Pertagas Perwira.

This activity is a series of Pertagas’ 2022 Earth Day campaign, which started on 22 April 2022. During the Earth Day campaign, all Pertagas workers and partners were taught about global warming and various efforts to save the earth from Greenhouse Gases (GHG) and other environmental damage.

This activity aims to help prevent seawater intrusion into the village on the Tambakrejo coast, Semarang, caused by the land being eroded by sea waves.

In addition, following Earth Day 2022: Invest in Our Planet, Mangrove trees can also be an asset for each Perwira to offset their greenhouse gas emissions because 1 Mangrove Tree can absorb 4.7 kg CO2e/year. Furthermore, with a total of trees planted, 5 tons of greenhouse gases can be absorbed every year.

The mangrove trees were planted by the management of Pertagas and representatives of Perwira in collaboration with and the people of Tambakrejo as direct beneficiaries of this reforestation effort.

Moreover, Pertagas Communication Relations & CSR Manager, Elok Riani Ariza, expressed the company’s hope to provide benefits to the environment.

“In line with the spirit of investing in our planet, Pertamina Gas wants to play an active role in creating a sustainable future and providing benefits to the surrounding environment,” said Elok.

Sukiyah, a representative of Kelompok Tani (Farmers’ Group) CAMAR - Tambakrejo, showed his gratitude to Pertagas. “We welcome Pertamina Gas initiatives. Hopefully, this will benefit both Pertagas workers and the Tambakrejo community,” he said. *SHG-PERTAGAS

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