Hundreds of People Donor Blood at Pertamina International Refinery Balongan Unit

BALONGAN – To help meet patients’ blood needs, PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional (KPI) Balongan Unit opened blood donation at the Patra Ayu Building, Pertamina Bumi Patra Housing, on Tuesday (14/12/21).

The activity was attended by 285 donors who were RU VI workers, work partners, and families. Most of the blood donor participants are regular donors, and some of them are first-time donors.

As the main requirement before donating blood, all donors are required to carry out an Antigen Swab and Genose test provided by the Pertamina RU VI Health function as the organizer. After being declared negative, the new participant is allowed to enter the blood donor room.

Section Head Health Pertamina RU VI Balongan, Dr. Bernardo L Tobing, said this blood donation activity collaborated with PMI Cirebon and was the first in Balongan since the pandemic.

“We hope that this blood donation can help hospitals in meeting the patients’ blood needs,” said Dr. Bernard.

Along with blood donation activities, RU VI Balongan also held a Voluntary Counseling Test for HIV Aids for health check-ups from an early age. The HIV Aids VCT, in collaboration with the Karang Ampel Health Center, is free for participants.

The HIV counseling was done privately so that the confidentiality of the counseling participants was maintained and was not disseminated. It is hoped that this VCT activity can explain to the entire Pertamina RU VI Balongan families and the surrounding community about the dangers of HIV and prevent HIV infection.

The blood donation and HIV Aids VCT activities at Pertamina RU VI Balongan went smoothly, and the participants enthusiastically participated.

Anas, one of the RU VI workers, felt grateful to participate in the blood donation held by the company. He said that many ways to help others, such as donating blood for those in need.

“Hopefully, the blood we donate will be useful for those in need and healthy for us, blood donors,” he said. *SHR&P BALONGAN

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