ASN Sulbar Uses Bright Gas 5,5 kg

MAMUJU - Pertamina join hands with the government of West Sulawesi to encourage the use of Bright Gas 5,5 kg as non-subsidized LPG products for all State Civil Apparatus (ASN) West Sulawesi.

Pertamina provide special facility for ASN such as redeeming two (2) LPG 3 kg tubes with 1 Bright Gas 5,5 kg tubes for Rp. 42,000 in addition to the refill cost. Moreover, Pertamina also give voucher for 100 units of one burner stove, 100-unit regulator and 100-unit Bright Gas 5,5 kg refill voucher. There are also Rp. 10,000 discount voucher for purchase on 17 october 2017.

This cooperation program aims so that ASN can be a role model for middle-upper class society both in households and businesses to shift from subsidized LPG 3 kg to Bright Gas 5,5 kg.

This was done because subsidized LPG are meant for low income society. According to Manager Domestic Gas Region VII Isfahani, the government has set the quota of LPG 3 kg which is a subsidized product. “If the middle and upper economic communities use LPG 3 kg, the given quota will not be enough for low income society and distribution will be off target,” he explained.

Since December 2016, Pertamina has already distributed Bright Gas 5,5 kg in West Sulawesi provinces. People can also order with Inter-Home service through Pertamina contact center 1-500-000.

For those who don’t own Bright Gas 5,5 kg tube can redeem 2 units of LPG 3 kg with 1 unit of Bright Gas 5,5 kg for Rp. 42,000 in addition to the content price of Bright Gas 5,5 kg. As for the redeem of 1 unit LPG 3 kg with 1-unit Bright Gas 5,5 kg, the price will be Rp. 151,000 in addition to the content price of Bright Gas 5,5 kg for Rp. 335,000 per tube. For the price of Bright gas 5,5 kg in West Sulawesi ranged from Rp. 75.0000-Rp 80.000 per tube.

Bright Gas 5,5 kg promotion event also enlivened with activities such as photo contest with Bright Gas 5,5 kg, dance competition, and fun cooking competition participated by Dharma Wanita West Sulawesi, Persit Koorcabrem 142, PKK Sulbar, Bhayangkari Sulbar, and ASN Sulbar.•MOR VII

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