PEP Donggi Matindok Field Received an Award from Central Sulawesi Governor

BANGGAI - PT Pertamina EP (PEP) Donggi Matindok Field, part of Subholding Upstream East Indonesia Region Zone 13, was deemed successful in implementing the COVID-19 prevention and control protocol in the workplace by the Directorate-General of Labour Inspection Development (Binwasnaker) and HSSE (K3). Therefore, on Wednesday (16/2/2022), the Governor of Central Sulawesi awarded PEP Donggi Matindok Field a Platinum title at the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Program Award.

PEP Donggi Matindok Field, which operates in Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi, is responsible for creating a safe and healthy work environment by preventing disease in the workplace because the work environment health is a protection aspect for workers and partners to optimize productivity.

Several policies and roles of PT Pertamina EP Donggi Matindok Field to prevent and control COVID-19, including socializing the implementation of strict health protocols both at work and outside the workplace, installing posters and safety signs related to COVID-19, facilitating hand washing facilities and hand sanitizers, both within the company and in the community around the company, providing PPE for health workers in Banggai Regency, disinfecting public places, helping meet basic needs for people affected by COVID-19, providing temporary isolation rooms in a dormitory, facilitating the referral process, hospitalizing, and vaccination for workers, partners, and the community around the company in collaboration with the related health office/community health care centers (puskesmas).

Donggi Matindok Field Manager, Abidzar Akman, said this award motivates the company to consistently implement the COVID-19 health protocol strictly within and outside the company. "Hopefully, we can all work safely and stay healthy, and families at home will also be protected," he said.

The HSSE Superintendent, Abdul Syakur, conveyed the same thing. "We dedicate this achievement to all workers and partners who worked hand in hand against COVID-19," said Abdul Syakur. *SHU-PEP

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