Pertamina Anti-Drugs Campaign and HIV/AIDS Care in Balikpapan

BALIKPAPAN - RU V Balikpapan together with the East Kalimantan National Narcotics Agency organize Anti-drugs & HIV/AIDS campaign as the commitment of anti-drugs and HIV/AIDS prevention for workers and RU V work partners. Held at RU V Balikpapan Main Office, the event was attended by General Manager RU V Togar M.P. Manurung, Head of BNN East Kalimantan Brigadier General (Pol.) Raja Haryono, Head of Employment and Transportation Services (Disnakertrans) East Kalimantan, and Balikpapan Government Representatives.

On this occasion, the MOU signing between RU V Balikpapan with BNNP East Kalimantan was done as part of drug prevention agreement in company environment. The activity that was participated by all workers and RU V work partners also talk about P4GN (Prevention, Eradication, Misuse, and drug trafficking) by Head of BNNP East Kalimantan and HIV/AIDS prevention by Head of Disnakertrans East Kalimantan. The activity then continues with the signing of commitment alongside Anti-Drugs Campaign and HIV/AIDS Care by all management team and RU V Balikpapan workers.

During his welcoming speech, GM RU V Balikpapan Togas M.P. Manurung delivers, Pertamina as one of the State-owned Enterprise which is committed to show their support for Indonesia Without Drugs program carried by central National Narcotics Agency (BNN). This was shown through several company activities, both in headquarters and operational regions.

“This is a partnership between RU V with BNN East Kalimantan Through Anti-drugs campaign & HIV/AIDS Care. We hope that this synergy can increase drug abuse prevention in RU V Balikpapan work environment,” he said.

Togar also hoped, with the MoU signing, RU V and BNN East Kalimantan will be more incentive to socialize the danger of drugs and prevent the spread of drug abouse that threatened future generations.

There is also Urine Check-up and VCT (Voluntary Counseling & Testing) HIV/ AIDS for free for all RU V Balikpapan workers and partners. •RU V

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