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2021-01-19 | 09:51
Jakarta, January 19, 2021 –After the digitalization project at 5,518 gas stations was completed at the end of 2020, PT Pertamina (Persero) continues the digitalization program by developing new systems, such as Autoplenishment and Prepurchase at all petrol stations. This new system is reflecte...
2021-01-18 | 13:21
Jakarta, January 18, 2021 - Pertamina continues to strengthen its commitment to maintaining compliance and implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG). Pertamina's seriousness can be seen from its proactive efforts to increase legal institutions' involvement in business processes and company projec...
2021-01-17 | 13:55
Mamuju, January 17, 2021 - After the earthquake in West Sulawesi, Pertamina urges people to buy fuel at petrol stations. According to regulations, Pertamina ensures that all petrol stations in Majene and Mamuju continue to operate and sell fuel at official prices. Senior Vice President of Corporate ...
2021-01-17 | 11:21
Jakarta, January 17, 2021 - Pertamina guarantees the availability of LPG for the communities affected by the earthquake in Mamuju and Majene, West Sulawesi. Additional 3 kg LPG supply of up to 130 metric tons or around 43,300 canisters have been prepared for the needs of communities around the affec...
2021-01-16 | 20:50
Mamuju, January 16, 2020 - The people of Mamuju and Majene do not need to worry about fuel availability as Pertamina guarantees that the stock at the fuel terminal and gas stations is sufficient. Pertamina alerted two units of Mobile Storage with a capacity of 16-kilo liters each in the Malunda Maje...
2021-01-14 | 12:57
Jakarta, January 14, 2021 – Aramco Trading, a global energy company based in Saudi Arabia, has named the President Director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, as Top CEO 2020. In this award titled The Aramco Trading New Silk Road CEO of the Year in 2020, Nicke was honored as the best CEO in the En...
2021-01-11 | 10:13
January 11, 2021- PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (PGN), as the Sub holding Gas of PT Pertamina (Persero), is committed to being part of the solution in various roles that are carried out in the energy sector. Especially to manage midstream and downstream businesses to distribute national gas and suppo...
2021-01-08 | 19:33
Jakarta, January 8, 2021 - PT Pertamina (Persero) continues the digital transformation program by partnering with Microsoft to realize innovation, efficiency, and security of company operational data from upstream to downstream. The continuation of this cooperation was marked by the signing of the m...
2021-01-07 | 17:34
Jakarta, January 7, 2021 - PT Pertamina (Persero), through the Partnership Program, pays more attention to the continuity of MSMEs in Indonesia. Not to be left behind are MSMEs in Eastern Indonesia such as Papua and West Papua. They receive guidance and assistance like MSMEs in other regions so they...
2021-01-06 | 13:50
Jakarta, January 6, 2021 - Even though we are still in the Covid-19 pandemic, Pertamina prepares the Christmas and New Year Task Force (Satgas Nataru) to ensure smooth service and distribution of fuel and LPG during the Christmas and New Year 2020/2021 celebrations. Pertamina also prepares additiona...
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