Accompanying 427 Fostered Partners to Upgrade, Pertamina Strengthens MSMEs Independence in Papua and West Papua

Jakarta, January 7, 2021 - PT Pertamina (Persero), through the Partnership Program, pays more attention to the continuity of MSMEs in Indonesia. Not to be left behind are MSMEs in Eastern Indonesia such as Papua and West Papua. They receive guidance and assistance like MSMEs in other regions so they can progressively move up the grade.

Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations of Pertamina, Agus Suprijanto, explained that the development of MSMEs in these two regions was represented by Marketing Operational Region (MOR) VIII Papua and Refinery Unit (RU) VII Kasim West Papua. These two regions are considered to have carried out good guidance to all their fostered partners.

"2020 is the first year for RU VII to carry out the Partnership Program and foster MSMEs, where in previous years it was done by MOR VIII. Even so, both MOR VIII and RU VII continue to collaborate in carrying out their duties in fostering MSME partners," explained Agus.

During 2020, RU VII and MOR VIII have distributed venture capital totaling around IDR 25 billion. The funds were distributed to 427 fostered partners in Papua and West Papua, most of whom are engaged in trade and agriculture. All of them are supported to move up the class with some of the coaching provided.

Agus added that the distribution in the Papua and West Papua regions was also aimed at making Eastern Indonesian MSMEs able to rise from the pandemic's impact immediately. Through this business capital assistance, Pertamina wants to help so that market growth in the eastern region can rise. "Therefore, the fostered MSMEs can penetrate the market outside Papua and West Papua Provinces. Even throughout Indonesia or abroad," he said.

Sherly Waromi, one of the RU VII fostered MSME, admitted that she is happy to be Pertamina's partner. The owner of this kerosene base plans to use the loan she received to expand her business into other trading sectors, namely in sports equipment. "Hopefully, it can be bigger and employ many people. Therefore, it can help residents earn income," she said.

In contrast, Steven Ibo, MOR VIII's fostered partner, said that the revolving capital received was used to increase the volume of his business engaged in the production of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) VCO soap, VCO capsules, and red fruit soap. "Assistance from Pertamina will be used as working capital to produce more soap and virgin coconut oil, especially now that the demand for our production is high," said Steven.

According to Agus, this reflects the implementation of the Goal 8 SDGs, namely providing work and encouraging economic growth. Pertamina will continue to support MSMEs to be more resilient and independent. "With the Go Modern, Go Digital, Go Online, and Go Global guidance roadmap, Pertamina will encourage the assisted MSMEs to upgrade," he concluded.**

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