Ensuring LPG Stock is Sufficient, Pertamina Adds 130 Metric Tons of Supply to West Sulawesi

Jakarta, January 17, 2021 - Pertamina guarantees the availability of LPG for the communities affected by the earthquake in Mamuju and Majene, West Sulawesi. Additional 3 kg LPG supply of up to 130 metric tons or around 43,300 canisters have been prepared for the needs of communities around the affected areas since last Friday (15/1) until today.

Senior Vice President of Corporate Communication and Investor Relations, Agus Suprijanto, said that in line with the anticipation of additional supply, Pertamina is also preparing to add 10 LPG tank trucks.

"The addition of 10 LPG tank trucks will help increase the 3 kg LPG stock by 100% of the normal daily average of 65 metric tons," said Agus.

Agus also added that the LPG facilities and infrastructure at the disaster site, namely 1 SPPBE, 6 3 kg LPG agents in Mamuju, were safe and continue to operate. Likewise, the services of three 3 kg LPG agents in Majene are still running normally.

"Sarfas and Agents continue to provide services as usual, including 207 3 kg LPG bases in Mamuju and 162 3 kg LPG bases in Majene. The stock is also sufficient," said Agus.

Agus added, Pertamina will continue to secure LPG distribution in the affected areas by strengthening supplies from the Donggala LPG Depot and the Makassar Integrated Terminal.

Also, Agus stated that Pertamina would continue to monitor the current situation and coordinate with the BPBD and related officials to ensure LPG distribution runs smoothly without obstacles and continues to be alert to the possibility of aftershocks.

For information related to Fuel and LPG services, the public can contact the Pertamina 135 call center.**

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