There is No Need to Worry, Pertamina's Fuel Stock in Majene and Mamuju is Sufficient

Mamuju, January 16, 2020 - The people of Mamuju and Majene do not need to worry about fuel availability as Pertamina guarantees that the stock at the fuel terminal and gas stations is sufficient. Pertamina alerted two units of Mobile Storage with a capacity of 16-kilo liters each in the Malunda Majene and Tapalang Mamuju areas of West Sulawesi the day after the earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 SR hit.

Senior Vice President of PT Pertamina (Persero), Agus Suprijanto, explained that there are 2 Mobile Storage units or pocket petrol stations alerted at two petrol stations location. It is to optimize services and ensure reliable distribution at 17 petrol stations in Mamuju and Majene areas, West Sulawesi.

"Apart from alerting 2 Fuel Mobile Storage, Pertamina has also dispatched seven units of tank trucks from Donggala Fuel Terminal to Mamuju and Majene to keep stocks safe. Pertamina has prepared an additional supply of up to 10% for Mamuju and Majene," said Agus.

Not only that, but Pertamina also dispatched additional personnel to strengthen the distribution of fuel in Mamuju and Majene.

This effort, added Agus, is Pertamina's commitment to ensure fuel availability for the people of Mamuju and Majene, West Sulawesi.

"All petrol stations are still operating, and the stock is safe, people do not need to worry and do not need to be provoked by the false issue stating the empty fuel at the gas station. Moreover, with the ongoing digitalization of gas stations, the fuel stock at each gas station in the Mamuju and Majene areas is well monitored on Pertamina's dashboard command center," he said.

Agus also added that with fuel services running normally, it is hoped that it can help the community and regional and central government, and other parties carrying out post-earthquake recovery activities, including distribution of aid.

If the community encounters problems regarding the distribution of fuel & LPG, they can directly contact the Pertamina 135 call center or email

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