Want to Get Normal Fuel Prices? Buy at Petrol Stations Only

Mamuju, January 17, 2021 - After the earthquake in West Sulawesi, Pertamina urges people to buy fuel at petrol stations. According to regulations, Pertamina ensures that all petrol stations in Majene and Mamuju continue to operate and sell fuel at official prices.

Senior Vice President of Corporate Communication and Investor Relations, Agus Suprijanto, emphasized that apart from the official price, fuel purchase at petrol stations is more guaranteed for quality and quantity.

"The price of fuel at petrol stations is following the provisions. People do not need to worry; all petrol stations are open and serving as usual. The stock is also sufficient. Pertamina has alerted two stand-by tank trucks with a total capacity of 32,000 liters at petrol stations in the Majene and Mamuju areas," said Agus.

Agus added that Pertamina is also preparing additional reserves for four fuel tank trucks with a total capacity of 64-kilo liters to depart from Kalimantan to the Parepare Fuel Terminal.

This effort, added Agus, is Pertamina's commitment to ensure fuel availability for the people of Mamuju and Majene, West Sulawesi.

Pertamina also asked the public to be aware of false information (hoaxes) of fuel vacancies at petrol stations, aiming to make people buy fuel at retailers at prices that are much higher than Pertamina's official prices at petrol stations.

"It is not true that the issue stating the vacuum of fuel at gas stations. Moreover, with the digitalization of petrol stations that are already running, the stock of fuel at every petrol station in the Mamuju and Majene areas is well monitored on Pertamina's dashboard command center," he said.

The public can directly get information on fuel and LPG services by contacting Pertamina 135 call center or emailing pcc135@pertamina.com.

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