Accompanying MSEs in Developing Local Potential, Processed Products of Bali Pure Coconut Starts Going To International Markets

Jakarta, March 24, 2021 - Local commodities such as plantation, agricultural and secondary crops are abundant in Indonesia. PT Pertamina (Persero) is committed to supporting micro and small businesses (MSEs) engaged in this sector to upgrade through the Partnership Program. One of them is by utilizing these commodities into derivative products.

I Ketut Sumayana has implemented this. The CV Bali Pure MSE owner, based in Sembiran Village, Tejakula District, Buleleng Regency, started a business after paying attention to environmental conditions. "Our village has many coconut plantations where the coconuts that are picked are sold directly to middlemen at low prices and sent directly to the island," he said.

Based on this background, Ketut also founded Bali Pure with the main product, VCO (Virgin coconut oil). Therefore, the farmers can sell their coconut to Ketut at a better price while making the coconut farmers in their village prosper. It is the implementation of SDGs point 8, which is to provide work and support the economy and the application of ESG in the social sector.

Even though he has only been a Pertamina foster partner for a few months, he immediately received a golden opportunity to join the Pertamina UMKM Academy program at the end of 2020. Through the program, he was also declared eligible to become a graduated MSE. "My business has the opportunity to participate in IPR, BPOM, and Halal certifications. Thank you to Pertamina for this," he added.

Ketut believes that several certifications and permits can expand its marketing reach. Bali Pure VCO products have penetrated the domestic and foreign markets, covering Singapore to several countries in the United States. To maximize marketing, it is supported by several digital media and a marketplace called Bali Pure.

With the development of this business, it demands Ketut to empower more workers. He is also grateful for this because Bali Pure can absorb local workers. There are 16 people, the majority of whom are housewives who help in the production. Thanks to his hard work, Ketut and Bali Pure can earn up to IDR 50 million every month.

Senior Vice President of Corporate Communication & Investor Relations of Pertamina, Agus Suprijanto, added that Pertamina would support local products like what Ketut did. Therefore, it can help the progress of regional economic potential to national and even abroad. "Pertamina will continue to strive to be its fostered partner to become SMEs that Go Global," he said.

According to Agus, through this Partnership Program, Pertamina always wants to provide the energy that drives the economy—becoming energy that becomes fuel and energy that generates sustainable growth.**

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