Encouraging MSEs to be Digitally Literate, Rumah BUMN Pertamina Involved Its Fostered Partners to Join UMKM GOL

Jakarta, March 24, 2021 - PT Pertamina (Persero) through Rumah BUMN (RB) is committed to increasing its fostered partner ability, especially digital marketing. One of which is by involving them in the UMKM Go Online (GOL) program, which was hosted virtually by Rumah BUMN on Tuesday (16/3).

Ministry of SOE Special Staff III, Arya Sinulingga, opens the event. In his speech, he mentions the importance of digital and online assistance, especially for Micro and Small Enterprises. "One advantage of online coaching is that everyone can join it at any place they are in," he said.

Every SOE, added Arya, has RB and fostered partner that continues to increase every year, including Pertamina. The ministry of SOE will fully support every effort to empowers MSE done by each SOE. "We believe that under the guidance of SOEs, these MSEs will be able to upgrade and become a small Business that Go Global," he added.

Meanwhile, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communication & Investor Relations of Pertamina, Agus Suprijanto, added that Pertamina has 30 RB spread across Indonesia. In total, there are more than 8 thousand MSE that have joined Rumah BUMN. "These MSEs are a huge potential that needed to be guided and developed. Therefore, they can be superior and independent entrepreneurs," he said.

According to Agus, through Rumah BUMN, Pertamina wants to constantly be able to give energy for economic wheels' movement. Energy becomes fuel and energy that produces sustainable development. "It is an implementation of point 8 SDGs, which is to provide work and support economic growth, as well as the implementation of ESG in the social sector," he said.

One of Pertamina's RB fostered partners that joined the event was Abidin Ishak. The owner of the House of Abhiee is part of RB Bone Bolango, Gorontalo. The business which Abhie run is engaged in fashion. He produces clothing designs from Sulaman Karawo, which is a speciality fabric from Gorontalo.

Through House of Abhiee, he is determined to introduce Gorontalo speciality fabric domestically and internationally. His effort was first started by digital marketing, which he is now beginning. "With the coaching and guidance of UMKM GOL, I hope that I can get more knowledge and the way my business can Go Global," said Abhie.

The UMKM GOL event itself is planned to last for 1.5 months. Five webinars will be held every week during the event, which will present experts to provide training and coaching. The participants of this activity have also been strictly curated from the RB under Pertamina's auspices and several other SOEs.**

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