Minister of SOE Inaugurates VLCC PERTAMINA PRIDE, a Giant Tanker Ready to Supply Energy

Lampung, April 15, 2021 - The Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) Ship, which has been sailing since February 9, 2021, from JMU Ariake Shipyard in Japan, has arrived in Indonesia and is ready to support the delivery of national energy supplies.

The Minister of SOE, Erick Tohir, inaugurated the ship at Semangka Bay, Kota Agung, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung on Thursday, April 15, 2021.

During the inauguration, the Minister of SOE was accompanied by President Director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, President Director of PIS, Erry Widiastono, and President Commissioner of PIS, A. Junaedy Ganie.

Erick Thohir expressed his appreciation for Pertamina's efforts in transforming and presenting value creation to become a global company.

According to Erick, the government fully supports Pertamina International Shipping's steps to become an integrated Logistic and Marine Solution Company and a global player.

"Pertamina must return to its prime in the 70s, become a global player, and ready to compete according to Good Corporate Governance," said Erick.

On this occasion, President Director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, said that the investment made of 2 ships, namely Pertamina Pride and Pertamina Prime, is in line with shareholders' directions to go global.

"These two vessels will serve foreign markets and transport Aramco crude to Indonesia. We have more flexibility with our own ships because Pertamina has foreign reserves and production of 110 thousand barrels per day," Nicke said.

Nicke continued, PIS will transform into an integrated marine logistics, because it not only has ships, but also additional facilities and storage at the port.

"As a result, the value chain that PIS manages will also get bigger," she added.

Erry Widiastono, President Director of PIS, stated that as a consumer-oriented shipping company, PIS aims to meet energy needs by producing numerous breakthroughs. One of them is the VLCC PERTAMINA PRIDE, a giant tanker with a capacity of 2 million barrels that have been built at the Japan Marine United (JMU) Shipyard since 2018.

"The PERTAMINA PRIDE VLCC aims to simplify the flow of energy distribution and secure the supply of captive crude needs to Pertamina's refinery on FOB Ras Tanura - Cilacap. Therefore, it is ready to become the center of energy distribution for the country," Erry concluded.**

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