Pertamina Pushes MSMEs to Upgrade by Processing Gunny Sacks into Top Products

Jakarta, February 4, 2021 - Pertamina's Partnership Program targets almost all business sectors to empower its fostered partners. They are then trained to produce a product or service that was initially traditional and upgrade to Go Modern, Go Digital, Go Online, to Go Global and penetrate the global market.

Like the business undertaken by Tatik Nurhayati, although she relies on gunny sacks as the primary material for creating her products, she does not want her work to look traditional or out of date. Pertamina is also here to provide assistance related to its business. "There have been lots of input in terms of the quality of the materials and the motives to make it more contemporary and classy," said the owner of the Rose Tulip MSME.

As a result, since becoming Pertamina's fostered partner in 2017, her business has been growing. Both in terms of production volume and sales are spread for all groups. She created various forms of products. Among them, bags and wallets. These accessories are given natural motifs such as leaves, flowers, and woods.

Previously, Tatik was an employee at a company. However, she chose to resign and start her fortune in the business world. Her first business at that time was a home decor property that was dominated by natural motifs and vintage designs. Over time, Tatik also penetrated to take advantage of this gunny sack.

Her business's success also has an impact on the people around her house on Jalan Wonosari Kidul Surabaya. Now she is also assisted by three people to produce a large number of orders. They are neighbors and housewives who are employed to get additional economic income for their families. It is one of the ESG implementations in the social sector.

The marketing of its products has now reached almost all parts of Indonesia. Especially after she got several tips and tricks for selling on social media from Pertamina, she immediately applied it and immediately felt the impact. Until now, she can earn a turnover of more than IDR 10 million per month. "Those who are curious about the shape of our products can be seen on social media @kreasigonisurabaya," she said.

Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations of Pertamina, Agus Suprijanto added, Pertamina would support the development of unique and creative products like what Tatik did. The MSMEs will continue to be developed with the Go Digital, Go Modern, Go Online, and Go Global coaching schemes. "We are optimistic that the assistants will be able to develop and upgrade. As well as implementing SDGs point 8 by helping people around them and supporting economic growth," he closed.**

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