Pertamina Supports MSEs to Innovate, ProsperoFood Products Are Increasingly Varied from Chocolate to Healthy Snacks

Jakarta, April 18, 2021 - Continuous innovation has been demonstrated by several micros and small enterprises (MSEs) assisted by PT Pertamina (Persero). Through the Partnership Program, all of them are nurtured and assisted so that they become upgraded MSE. With this innovation and creativity, the businesses carried out by these fostered partners can develop rapidly and target a broader range of consumers.

This effort has been demonstrated by one of Pertamina's fostered partners, Susi Julianti. ProsperoFood business owner - CV Mitra Prima Mandiri, located at Paramount Marketplace, Ruko Thematic P52 Gading Serpong Tangerang, has made many innovations in its business. "In 2015, I started with cocoa powder drink," she said.

One year later, her product immediately received several awards from government agencies and the private sector. Her enthusiasm for building a business increased. She began to formulate other products, like chocolate balls to instant coffee powder drinks.

The innovation continued during the 2020 pandemic. The business started to expand the product by making healthy snacks from fruit ingredients. Susi makes freeze-dried products from durian, purple sweet potato, corn, banana, jackfruit, and mango. "Pandemic is not an excuse for not working. I am grateful that I did not reduce the number of employees and instead increased," she explained.

When she started the business, she had two employees. Now, after becoming Pertamina's fostered partners, five people help manage their business. Susi applies the principles of sociopreneur-based business. It follows the 8th Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs), namely providing decent work and supporting economic growth.

Thanks to their persistence and creativity, ProsperoFood products have been successfully marketed not only domestically. But to Bangladesh and Japan. Susi takes advantage of almost all existing social media and marketplaces for promotional media so that the marketing reach can be broader.

Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations of Pertamina, Agus Suprijanto, appreciated Lina's business steps. According to him, it takes high creativity to attract many consumers. "Pertamina's Partnership Program will assist so that they are not only glimpsed, but so that many people buy their products," said Agus.

According to Agus, through this Partnership Program, Pertamina wants to provide energy that drives the economy--energy that becomes fuel and energy that generates sustainable growth. "Pertamina will support Indonesian MSEs to be more independent with the intensive assistance we provide so that MSEs can upgrade," he concluded.**

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