Pertamina has conducted Social and Environmental (S&E) responsibilities even before these activities were required to be implemented by companies. S&E responsibilities are regarded as an integrated effort to provide bene ts for the society living in the surrounding areas of the operations in a sustainable and synergized manner for wider development.

We have implemented Policy regarding S&E Responsibility in accordance with the Corporate Social Responsibility principle contained in ISO 26000. The main objective of S&E Responsibility of Pertamina is to conduct activities that are related to community development and environmental preservation consistent with sustainable development, so as to improve the public welfare and be integrated with Company’s business activities.

Pertamina undertakes two S&E Responsibility approaches through Small and Medium Enterprise Development activities and Corporate Social Responsibility activities managed by the Small and Medium Enterprise Partnership Program and Corporate Social Responsibility Functions (SMEPP & CSR Functions). S&E Responsibility is implemented by each of Pertamina’s operating units throughout Indonesia as part of the Community Relations and Development activities.